SANDWICHES –made to order on Shadeau multi-grain bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of chips or carrots

Chicken Salad: $5.95

Egg Salad: $5.95

Turkey and Cheese*: $6.95

Salami and Cheese*: $4.95

Salmon and Avocado: $8.95

Turkey and Avocado: $6.95

Vegetarian: $4.95 (hummus and your choice of tomatoes, mixed baby greens, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, banana peppers, avocado [.50 extra])

Tempeh Salad: $6.95

*choice of provolone, aged provolone, lorrain swiss (add cheese to any menu item for an additional .55)

Please ask for our daily selection of SOUPS from Myra’s

Cup: $2.50

Bowl: $3.95

SMOOTHIES 12oz $3.95–16oz $4.50

CREAMIES 120z $3.95–16oz $4.50

COFFEE Roasted in Over-the-Rhine by Coffee Emporium

Cup: $1.60

Iced Coffee: $2.00

Espresso: $1.75

Americano: $1.85

Latte: $2.75

House Iced Tea: $1.50

ESSENCHA TEAS: $2.75 (hot or iced)

Kukicha–Green Tea

Moroccan Mint–Green Tea/flavored

Spiced Nuts–Rooibos

Li Li Xiang–Oolong

Irish Breakfast–Black Tea

Cinnamon Orange Spice–Black Tea/flavored


White Peony (Organic)–White Tea

Jasmine Bloom($4.50)–White/scented

AGLAMESIS ICE CREAMS AND ICES made the sincere way since 1908

1 scoop: $2.25

2 scoops: $3.40

3 scoops: $4.95

Simple Sundae: $3.40

Fancy Sundae: $3.95

Extras: .50 each


Moosewood Brownies: $1.50

Ghirardelli Gooey Toll House Bars: $1.50

Blueberry Oatmeal Whole Wheat Bars: $1.50

Whole Wheat Scones: $2.00


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